Fujairah 2040 Framework Plan, Emirate of Fujairah UAE 2014

DSCN4184 Crane Associates provided the economic analysis to support this regional framework plan.  The Emirate of Fujairah is strategically located on the Sea of Oman.  The Fujairah Seaport is quickly emerging as a vital link in the UAE economy.  A new oil and gas pipeline and national railroad, extending the length of the country, will terminate in Fujairah.   It is also home to one of the largest oil storage facilities in the UAE, the country’s strategic grain storage, renowned mineral resources, and a fledging tourist economy.  The population will double in about 15 years.  Crane Associates, as a subcontractor to the prime, provided all economic analysis and advice in key elements of the Framework Plan.  This included providing demand forecasts for jobs in all economic sectors, demand for public services and housing, and demand for commercial real estate.  We are also providing analysis and recommendation on the governance and institutional capacity of the Fujairah government to implement this plan. 

Economic and Demographic Forecasts 2014 to 2030, Fujairah Emirate, UAE 2013

FujairahCityTo support the Fujairah 2040 Framework Plan, Crane Associates completed 30-year forecasts of population and employment for the Emirate and sub-regions.  The forecasts were based on a combination of methodologies for different segments of society.   Emirati citizens were based on Cohort Survival while all others were based on employment demand for each sector of the economy and by labor type and immigration status.  Results provided the urban planning team with future population by age, sex, nationality and forecast of jobs in each major industrial classification.     

Luxury Retail Market Analysis, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2013

LuxuryRetailMarketAnalysis.UAELuxury retail shopping is a popular activity with several areas dedicated to high net worth shoppers.  However, is the market saturated or is there room for one more luxury shopping mall?  This is the questions posed and answered over a 5-month market analysis.  The results clearly documented the growth in this segment, the current supply and whether a supply gap exists to fill more retail space.  The analysis also answered whether a luxury shopping mall with a particular size and design would be feasible on a chosen site in Abu Dhabi.

Automobile Retail Market Analysis, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2013

AutomobileRetailMarketAnalysis.UAELike most retail segments, automobile sales are quickly rising in Abu Dhabi.  However, automobile retail requires large quantities of land.  This was a three month market analysis to determine the feasibility of a large auto city retailer.   Work included a market supply analysis of auto retailers in Abu Dhabi and 20 year demand forecasts of retail automobiles and the land requirements to meet this demand.    



Macro-Economic Model and Demographic Forecasts 2013 to 2030, Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE

Abu-Dhabi4When Abu Dhabi 2030 was published in 2007, it set out an overall vision for the future of the Emirate. In 2012, an update of this vision was undertaken to include detailed plans for sub-regions based on sound economic growth modeling and population forecasts not previously available.  Michael Crane was hired to guide the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council through this large endeavor.  He hired a team of consulting experts and together, with stakeholders from other government agencies, they completed Abu Dhabi’s first complete macro-economic forecasting model.  This model forecasts economic growth in all major industrial classifications.  This model also provides 30-year forecasts of: population by nationality, age and sex; tourism visitation and spending; retail spending by nationality; office space demand in each economic sector; and capital investments in each economic sector.  These figures are now being used as the basis of planning for the Emirate’s urban planning projects including Capital 2030; Al Gharbia 2030; Al Ain 2030; Plan Maritime 2030; and many other housing and policy studies. 

Master Plans for Four Cities in Salah ad Din Governorate, Iraq. 2010 -2012

BaladCityPlanProject Director.  Budget: $4.8millionUSD. Comprehensive Master Plans for the cities of Tuz, Bajii, Sharquat, and Al Dour in the Salah ad Din Governorate.  Plans include analyses of transportation, sewer and water infrastructure, housing, economy, land use, and socio-economics. The deliverables include: 20-year demographic and economic projections and growth forecasts in each city and, growth and development plans for the next 20 years, including a 5-year adjustable, capital infrastructure budget. Client: Governorate of Salah ad Din.


Climate Mitigation: Feasibility Study for Light Rail Transportation in Sulaymaniah, Iraq, 2010

Iraq.Sulaymaniah.Light RailSulaymaniah, Iraq is the cultural capital of Kurdistan.  It also suffers from traffic congestion and air pollution.  A 25 mile light rail was proposed to address the problem. Crane Associates was asked to serve as lead economist to determine the market feasibility for this $22millionUSD public transportation project.  We completed demand analysis for public transportation and 20-year forecast of ridership on light rail throughout the city, (pop.900,000). The work included ridership and revenue projections, analysis of employment and residential units by socio-economic factors, traffic counts, and maps the routes most likely to receive the highest ridership. The work was part of a larger climate change mitigation program.   Client: Private Consulting Firm

Tikrit City Master Plan, Tikrit Iraq 2010

Iraq.Salah ad Din.MDCTikrit, about 130km north of Baghdad, is the hometown of former President Saddam Hussein and was one of the centers of the Sunni Muslim insurgency.  In post conflict Iraq, the government’s most significant challenge is to gain the confidence and trust of the public, which in turn, reduces antigovernment insurgency, stabilizes security, and builds peace.  Urban planning is a multi-purpose tool that helps the government builds this trust.  It engages constructive dialogue with the public, technically analyzes problems, and builds government capacity.   Crane Associates worked with the Salah ad Din Governorate to build the government’s urban planning capacity.   We used the Tikrit City Master Planning process as a vehicle to teach best practices in community dialogue, urban planning, demand forecasting, capital infrastructure planning, and economic development.  The Tikrit City Master Plan was adopted by the municipality in 2012. 

Samarra City Plan, Samarra, Salah ad Din Governorate, Iraq 2010

Our Story.Samara MinaretSamarra is an ancient Islamic Capital city of great historic significance.  It is the location the Al Mutawakkil Mosque, the largest at the time it was built in 851 with arguably the most unique minaret in the world.   It is also home to the Al- Askarī Mosque one of the holiest Islamic mosques for the Shi’a built in 944.  UNESCO called Samarra, “the finest preserved example of the architecture and city planning of the Abbasid Caliphate period[9th Century].”  The Al-Askarī mosque was bombed and significantly damaged in 2006 causing tensions between ethnic groups.  The City’s Mayor ask Crane Associates to provide recommendations on how to plan the modern day city that respects the historic layout, is sensitive to ethic groups, and allows for modern day growth and economic development.  The work involved site visits with tight security in dangerous conditions, interviews with key community leaders, and consensus building exercises.  The work resulted in a land build out scenarios with slow and strategic integration of ethnic groups over the next 20 years.  Client:  Mayor’s Office, City of Samarra, Iraq.