Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES), United Nations Development Program and Conservation and Environmental Protection Authority, Papua New Guinea 2016 Crane Associates was hired to identify the feasibility of a wide range of PES options.  The work involved: Accounting of natural capital on 550 miles of coastal/marine resources, and 25 rural villages, though site visits and interviews with 65 stakeholder groups and officials over a 9-month period; market feasibility analysis of economic activities that provide landowners of high valued rainforests with alternatives to selling their rights to extractive industries; Creating policies that reduce or prevent deforestation and degradation while increasing household incomes and quality of life; Analyzing the governance and institutional capacity to implement PES; Conducting an Environmental Benefit Cost Analysis to analyze the impacts of these options.   The work resulted in a 10-year strategic plan that includes 12 pilot projects; physical improvements; capacity building programs; and a financial plan.

Climate Mitigation: Feasibility Study for Light Rail Transportation in Sulaymaniah, Iraq, 2010 Iraq.Sulaymaniah.Light RailSulaymaniah, Iraq is the cultural capital of Kurdistan.  It also suffers from traffic congestion and air pollution.  A 25 mile light rail was proposed to address the problem. Crane Associates was asked to serve as lead economist to determine the market feasibility for this $22millionUSD public transportation project.  We completed demand analysis for public transportation and 20-year forecast of ridership on light rail throughout the city, (pop.900,000). The work included ridership and revenue projections, analysis of employment and residential units by socio-economic factors, traffic counts, and maps the routes most likely to receive the highest ridership. The work was part of a larger climate change mitigation program.   Client: Private Consulting Firm


Climate Change Advisor, Office of Governor of Salah Ad Din Province, Iraq, 2010 Climate Change Advisor, IraqProvided education and advice to policy makers at the regional level in Iraq on the benefits of complying with the Kyoto Protocol.  Informed them of the role of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and the technical assistance provided by the IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  Developed and managed a governmental panel Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Kyoto compliance.




Economic Impacts of the Sacandaga Whitewater Park, Sacandaga River, New York whitewater kayaker Sacandaga River NYThe Sacandaga Hudson Advisory Council (SHAC) is planning the construction of a modified channel whitewater park on the Sacandaga River in Hadley and Lake Luzerne, New York. The SHAC commissioned this study to determine if the investment of public funds into the whitewater park would generate a net positive return to the public in terms of economic activity and tax revenue. This study involved collecting extensive data on boaters’ expenditures, travel patterns, and recreational behaviors. Data was collected at 5 different rivers, and on-line, from boaters in 37 states and two countries during the 2007 boating season. Input-Output modeling was used to determine the direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts of the boater visitation to the whitewater park. The research resulted in clear and defensible evidence that the whitewater park would generate a net return on the investment of public funds. Executive Summary Document


Economic Impacts of American Whitewater’s Gauley Festival, Summersville, West Virginia Gauley River WVThe Gauley Festival is arguably the largest and most renowned river festival in the United States. In 2006, American Whitewater (AW) estimated over 5,000 people attended the event. The festival is a result of whitewater releases from the Summerville Dam. Until now, it hasn’t been fully understood how the festival contributes to the local economy through the purchase of goods and services, by supporting jobs, and by the degree to which the imported dollars stay in the local economy and for how long. The research involved designing and administering a statistical survey of festival attendees to determine their spending and travel patterns. Economic Input-Output modeling was used to determine the visitors direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts on the local economy. This research helps American Whitewater document the boater’s contribution to the local economy.



Economic Value of River Flows in West River, VT.  USA, 2005 West River VT.PJTAn analysis of the economic impacts to the local economy as a result of different river flow regimes in the West River as controlled by the Ball Mountain Dam facility.  The US Army Corps of Engineers operates Ball Mountain Dam and changes the amount of water in the river and therefore the number of days the river can provide a recreational day of boating.  Used REMI Input/Output modeling to determine the direct, indirect and induced economic benefits of various visitation scenarios.  Results show that tourism would generate $15.7 million over ten years for the local economy and create over 50 jobs. Final report for economic impacts of white water boating in the west river.




Non-Market and Recreation Values on the Lake Champlain Waterfront, South Hero, Vermont South HeroCompleted a review and assessment of non-market values determined through contingent valuation surveys. Analysis of tourism and recreation potential generated by the Lake on the South Hero waterfront. Report submitted to State of Vermont for Public Service Board Section 248 proceedings.





Determining Appropriate River Flows Levels for Recreation on the Lower Winooski River, Vermont Lower Winooski River VT.PJTConducted a four-month long survey of river users experiencing the river at different flow levels. Documented river uses, potential user conflicts, and preferences for different flow levels. Determined optimum flow level for maximum public enjoyment. Report was used as evidence for hydroelectric dam relicensing during FERC proceedings on Winooski 19 plant.





Determining the Economic Value of Recreation on the White River, Vermont White River VT.PJTDesigned contingent valuation survey to determine public values for river recreation.  Survey administered by the University of Vermont.