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Crane Associates believes that economically healthy and sustainable communities have a wide range of housing proce options.  If local employees do not earn enough for the local hosing market it results in economic stress to the household.  The more households under stress the greater the stress on the regional economy.  Finding locally appropriate solutions to house people of all income levels is in everyone’s best interest.

We determine the amount and rate of housing growth an area will receive over a given period of time. Our analysis is holistic. We assess the regional and local economy, the current and projected housing stock, and the future demand on housing in every price range. We calculate locally specific “affordability standards” and determine affordable housing prices for a wide range of household incomes.

Our analysis results in a clear picture of the amount and the type of affordable housing units needed each year. We provide developers with a detailed market analysis so they can confidently build the supply that is demanded. We provide government agencies with projected land acreage needs, zoning analysis and a full menu of locally appropriate implementation options. Crane Associates takes an affordable housing project from planning to construction.

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Testimonial: “…Crane Associates played a large and important role in the fulfillment of the City’s first Consolidated Planning process, ultimately helping the City receive full review and approval with zero comments coming from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The City looks forward to someday working again with Crane Associates”
Jim Gailey, Director of Community Development, City of South Portland, Maine