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Building sustainable economies throughout the world.

Crane Associates helps societies build wealth and prosperity by structuring their economies for long term sustainability.

Sustainable economic development is more than simply creating jobs.  It is creating a resilient and diversified economy that can weather the recessions.  It means conserving and leveraging society’s capital (Natural, Social and Physical) to generate prosperity.  It means establishing sustainable systems of governance, strengthening institutions, and improving public health, education and the general welfare of societies outside the workplace as well as in.  This means that our work must be multi-disciplinary. We employ the right mix of expertise including environmental economics, urban planning, policy analysis; economic and demographic forecasts, market feasibility studies, and institutional capacity building to ensure that our solutions are truly sustainable.

We identify untapped economic development potential through competitive advantage modeling, industrial cluster analysis, place-based marketing, tourism growth strategies, value-added manufacturing, and employment training.  We make sure our solutions are sustainable through detailed analysis of life cycle costs, climate footprints, fiscal impacts, socio-economic impacts, and environmental benefit/cost analysis.  Crane Associates is committed to helping our clients find a sustainable balance between economic development and environmental protection.